Functional ceramics

My functional ceramics are typically wheel-thrown, sometimes altered, have slip-trailed or water-etched designs and are glazed using both commercial and non-commercial glazes. Surprisingly, in my long pursuit of the aesthetics of Studio Pottery stoneware I ended up finding a personal voice in the use of the red earthenware clay from Nove, Vicenza (Italy).

In the past couple of years I have finally conquered my own stoneware glazes, which I make from basic raw materials, including ashes I collect from my own fireplace. It's been a long research that is still ongoing and makes it possible to have a handle on the qualities of glaze, not only in terms of aesthetics, but also of durability and suitability for contact with food.  I am very proud of my glazes, beautiful, durable and food-safe.

My current production includes earthenware and stoneware oxidation-fired tableware and kitchenware. My ceramics are just as strong as their mass-made counterparts and are to be treated as such, but as an added value they bring warmth to our tables.


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